Safety In Action provides safety training courses specially designed to help employers properly train lift truck operators. Participants in Safety In Action courses benefit from:


  • instruction from an experienced trainer while learning to safely operate a lift truck
  • learning the concepts of load weight and stability, and the handling characteristics of lift trucks
  • learning the safe handling of fuels and batteries and how to deal with emergencies
  • learning how to perform daily maintenance and safety checks on lift trucks

The course outline for Safety In Action has been set up to instruct participants in the greatest number of areas, in the most time efficient manner possible. Our courses are offered for both experienced and novice lift truck operators, and Safety In Action offers extended and short courses tailored to meet the needs of operator and employer alike. Safety In Action encourages employer and operator participation in designing courses suited to the unique circumstances present in each workplace.

Our short course is presented in a five hour time frame, usually requiring only a half day of down time, while the extended version requires a full day (seven hours). Depending on the needs of the trainees and the preferences of the employer, either or both courses can be arranged at times convenient to your schedule.

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